Our Village has changed! We are not currently functioning as a community center. Our community continues through our weekly co-ops, month special events and virtual support. 

Heart of the Village aims to enrich and expand our children’s homeschool education alongside others.  It takes a village and we’re here for that.  Our Calendar has all our upcoming activities posted with additional registration information. Check out our current offerings: 

Science Plus Co-op for ages 7-12. Meets weekly for science study and additional enrichment activities. 

Tween/Teen Co-op for ages 10 and up. Meets weekly for specific learning activities   enrichment and educational field trips.

Special events like DINOvember, Fire Prevention, STEM activities, Holiday parties and more. Please see the Calendar to view our upcoming events.

A look back to 2022/2023:

Clubs & Activities
Clubs are either adult facilitated or youth-led with adult support. It brings us joy to see our youth step into leadership positions and share their skills and talents with others.
Some of our past offerings were open play, basketball club, dance club, garden club, gymnastics; sports, yoga, board games, LEGO time, arts and crafts, and community service.

Enriched Opportunities
One of the gifts of homeschooling is that we have the freedom to choose what we and our kids want to learn. The “Curriculum of Family” is what we hope to highlight.  You’ll find our our classes as a supportive environment to stretch your brain.
Here are some of ourpast offerings; ASL, chemistry, geography, arts and crafts, social studies, movement and circle time.