who started it all..

Our Vision

We have accepted the challenge to take the responsibility of guiding our children on their learning journey. We are very passionate about a family approach to schooling and parents having an active role in their children’s educational experiences. We believe that learning should be fun and engaging and wanted to create a space where our children are free to learn, socialize and grow in the least restrictive way possible.


Our Action

We are using our creative minds to cultivate a safe and freeing space for our children to explore their curiosities. We currently utilize an open space where our children are able to run, stretch, relax and explore multiple activities while they are here. We are thrilled to continue to build our village as our children learn independently, from their peers and other educators. We also see the value in giving support to fellow parents and seeing our community thrive.


Eliza lives in Mount Laurel with her husband and children. She is Certified Athletic Trainer and Health and Physical Education teacher.  She has taught at the elementary and high school level since 2015. She has been an online ESL teacher to students in foreign countries since 2018. Eliza has worked as an Athletic Trainer and/or coached many youth recreational sports, day and overnight camps, skills clinics, teams, and tournaments in several sports.  She is also the co-owner/Director of Triple Threat 101 Basketball programs where she produced many camps, skills training, youth basketball leagues and travel teams for boys and girls since 2015.  It is her goal to bring an awareness and appreciation for the importance of overall wellness, health, literacy and equity to all. You can normally catch her on a field or sideline supporting her children or those within her sports “village”.


Jessica Mendoza lives in Cherry Hill with her husband and three children. One of her passions is pointing people in the direction of various homeschooling and alternative education resources, which is why she is so passionate about being involved with Heart of the Village. She also loves to connect people with holistic resources and thus is involved with our local chapter of Holistic Moms Network as well as South Jersey Mothers of Multiples. Jessica is also an ASL-English interpreter.