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Heart of the Village provides support for homeschooling families by providing a community of families and offering co-ops and events for education and socialization.

Our Philosphy:
Children need to play, they need to build relationships, they need to take ownership over how they want their day to look, what they want to learn. And all of it is LEARNING.

IMG_7897 Heart of the Village is the perfect place for homeschool enrichment- for the child and the parent! There is a wide array of age-appropriate educational options and social activities for the children- my daughter loves the Amazing Animals class happening now- and it gives me some time to catch up on work related tasks or furthering my own education, and also the opportunity to just relax and chat with other like-minded parents! My daughter isn’t quite ready to separate from me on a regular basis (age almost 5), but she is always excited to go to HOTV because she can have a little bit of independence while still remaining close to me. It’s the best of worlds!
It’s a great gathering place for my son to mingle and learn with kids of all ages and myself to meet like minded moms who are walking a similar educational journey with their kids. It’s the perfect staple for my sons homeschool routine.
We love HOTV because it’s an actual village … of kids, their parents, grandparents and caretakers. We get to be a part of the community with all these families that are home schooling, too. And also the classes for Isaac’s age are great. And the outdoor space to play is great. Isaac says he likes that he can, “do whatever he wants” there, too! Loving the garden club this Spring!
Noah’s 6th Bday – A “Fort Building Party”.
The kids crafted pennant standards to affix to the top of their towers, and engineered wooden castles, bubblewrap igloos, and cardboard huts, adorning them with festive tassels and rainbow twinkly lights.
An indoor snowball fight ensued followed by flashlight tag, and the brutal take down of a piñata full of treats. After cupcakes and gift giving, the inevitable escape to the outdoor space where children haphazardly chased each other in circles before saying fair well.
It was so much fun and we are so grateful to be members of a community center that feels like home. If you’re looking for a place to host your unique event, definitely consider Heart of the Village.
Big Thank you to the kids and family of Heart of the Village homeschoolers for making and writing 25 Christmas cards for our Stockings for seniors. Such heartfelt cards and notes. Absolutely love them and out was great to visit with you all again.
Thank you ❤
VickySonshine & Smiles
Best place to find community for homeschool kids and moms! My kids absolutely love this place and they have the loveliest and most understanding staff. Our membership is 100% worth it!

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